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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, File restriction of a specific file in LAN in Technical; Originally Posted by sukh Using W2K8 server on its own won't allow you to achieve what you want. You have ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sukh View Post
    Using W2K8 server on its own won't allow you to achieve what you want.

    You have to decide on a product to use, a MSFT product or a 3rd party product.

    The challenge is the non MSFT documents.

    I have recommended WSS and Share point.

    Suggest me 3rd party sw

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    With sharepoint you can provide custom file types to protect and I'm sure you can with WSS 3.0

    On the clients side with Office you have IRM which works with RMS. There's a client which needs to be installed too.

    However, this doesn't offer complete protection such as preventing a user from physically writing down the contents of a word document or using a 3rd party screen capture program. It will prevent the standard windows print screen and office apps such as OneNote etc... For this you will have to deploy the infrastructure and allow access in appropriate way, for example only allow access when on LAN and no access remotely.


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