We have all staff setup with local accounts on their issued laptops running windows xp pro sp3 and they print to shared network printers via our print server. The local accounts are created with the same user name and password as their domain account to save confusing them.

Normally when you try and connect to a shared network printer from a local account you would have to put in a domain account/password. However we map users home network drives to the server the printer shares reside on using a script i wrote which uses net share and /user:domainname\%username% /persistent:yes which takes the local username as a domain username and the local password to allow printer access. This negates the need to type in the credentials manually.

However since we moved the printer shares onto a new 2k3 member server, still part of the same domain, it refuses to allow connection. It will add the printer but when you go to access the printer it will say connection refused and you cant print or do anything. If i add with net use the ipc share this works but only for that session and its lost on reboot.

Any ideas what im doing wrong?