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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, 2000, 2003 or 2008? in Technical; Im having a little trouble with server software. Next financial year, the head teacher will put aside some money for ...
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    2000, 2003 or 2008?

    Im having a little trouble with server software. Next financial year, the head teacher will put aside some money for me to invest in a server for the school. I am wondering what version of Windows Server i should get. My servers at home run 200 and 2003 but 2008 is the latest. I am capable of using 2003 and 2000 easily (As i do it all the time) and have has issues with 2008.

    For a file server/Domain controller and for ease of use (MSTSC and local access and the UI), what version of windows server would you reccomend.

    Just a note: Im not quite sure how much wil be set aside for the server. It might be a case of buying a good powerful computer and upgrading it with the software and hardware.

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    2008 R2. No question, if the server can run it. 2000 is a dinosaur, 2003 is getting very long in the tooth too. 2008 R2 doesn't take a lot of learning from previous experience with the older OSs.

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    If you dont have a server currently but will be getting one you'll need to take CAL's into account, i dont know if the price for a CAL varies between server 2003 and 2008r2 etc etc but something to take into account

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    I can't see why you would want to run anything but the latest given a choice. 2003 might do a job, but 2008 has so much additional functionality it would be silly not to want to utilise it

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    Go with 2008! Anything older will just cause more work for you down the line as support ceases. The move to 2008 is not that great a learning curve if you are well versed in 2003. I personally don't have a 64bit server as yet so am only running 2008 R1 but will move to R2 as soon as budgets allow

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