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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, NIC not communicating in Technical; We have a Dell Blade 1955 where the Broadcom dual nic will not communicate with the network. On 2 occasions ...
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    NIC not communicating

    We have a Dell Blade 1955 where the Broadcom dual nic will not communicate with the network. On 2 occasions after running the server for an extended period (several days), the nic has started working. We are using the Broadcom nic software to team the cards together.

    I have tried running a linux live cd on this server, and the network card starts working instantly. I have also tried running a crossover cable directly from the server to a laptop and tried pinging each other to no avail. We have also tested the network cables that run from the server to the switch with a laptop and these work fine. I have tried running the cards independently of each other, without the teaming software with no success.

    We have several pieces of software on this server that would be extremely hard to replicate elsewhere so would prefer not to reinstall this server from scratch.

    Does anyone have any ideas how to solve this problem??

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    I am also working on this issue with ciaphas.
    Just installed server 2008r2 on to new disk works fine so rilled out nic problems
    server 2003r2 must be where the issue is have tried updating the drivers and downgrading the drivers still same issue
    running out of ideas other than a clean install which is a pain as this is part of a cluster with some non cluster aware software installed on this node only

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