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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, profiles folders recreating with *_NTFRS_41efc8bb....* at the end..... in Technical; Hi guys I'm getting new folders recreated in my profiles folder for teachers and students - seems everytime someone logs ...
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    profiles folders recreating with *_NTFRS_41efc8bb....* at the end.....

    Hi guys
    I'm getting new folders recreated in my profiles folder for teachers and students - seems everytime someone logs on it doesnt use the profile ive set in AD but instead recreates it and adds a lot of numbers at the end...this is what it looks like on the server:
    SERVER - \\logonserver\Profiles\
    theres around 20 of these new folders made by the end of the day...
    same thing happens for students....
    the profile path in AD is set to \\%logonserver%\Profiles\teacher

    anyone know why this is happening or any suggestions on what i can do?

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    The "teacher" and "teacher.v2" are normal if you have a mixed XP and Vista/Windows 7 network - the profile format changed so the server copy is kept separate - leave them alone unless you've now got rid of all XP clients in which case archive the "teacher" folders and delete from the server to save space.

    The NTFRS folders normally indicate that you've got DFS File Replication Service running (eg you have 2 or more servers making the profiles available) and there's been a conflict of replication at some time.

    There's lots of info Troubleshooting journal_wrap errors on Sysvol and DFS replica sets about what this is and how you fix it but unless you really need DFS replication for the profiles (it's good on a multi-site setup, for example) it might be better to move the profile share.

    If the NTFRS folders have been there a long time you can probably safely delete them from each server which has a copy. I seem to remember it's safer to do this with FRS stopped (otherwise as soon as you delete from one server, the paired server will try and put them back and bad things happen!)

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