Hi everyone.
I hope somebody can help me with this.
In AD i have two OUs: Computers and New_Computer.
For the pc's of Computers i can easy enable offline folders, and for those in New_Computers i can't.
For the New_Computers there is a WSUS GPO that is restricting offline folders, but i don't want to disable this GPO because in there i have the wsus updates configured.
The problem is i can't chance this GPO, although I'm logged as Enterprise admin.
When i go to Group policy Management, i can only view the GPO, but can't change it.
Now this is strange?
Also, on the DC, remote connection is enabled, and i can't disable it through -? right click on My Computer -> Remote -> Allow users to connect remotely to this computes
That option is not available, as though i don't have right to do that.

Can anyone tell me how to change GPOs.
If i move computers from New_Computers OU to Computers OU, where i don't have applied GPO, will it work?

Thax in advance