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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, ISCSI problems on Windows 2000 sp4 in Technical; I have bought myself a storage server with ISCSI software and now trying to get it configured and working, without ...
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    ISCSI problems on Windows 2000 sp4

    I have bought myself a storage server with ISCSI software and now trying to get it configured and working, without knowing a great deal about it.

    Ok, I have at last got the ISCSI initiator (on my Windows 2000 machine ) to connect to the target on the storage server (2008), logged onto the target, made it a persistant target, then bound the volume.

    I then opened Computer Management and went through the wizard which, if I can remember correctly, initialised the new disk. I then could see it as unallocated and online. I then extended the volume of one of my partitions (G:\) by selecting from the newly found disk.

    So far, so good, it all worked wonderfully. I then thought a reboot of both servers would test the system and now it all goes horribly wrong! After the reboot the new disk volume went offline, despite the iscsi initiator software all indicating that it was connected and the iscsi target software showing that all was up and working. I reactivated the volume and it now states it is healthy and online but when I check out the G drive partition, (whose layout is now described as spanned) I get the error message: "G:\ The system cannot find the device specified". The G drive now has disappeared from My Computer.

    Can anyone please help with this and if not, at the very least help me to revert back to a 'simple' layout which I should then be able to format and use my backup to restore all my folders/files.

    I would be most grateful for any help with this. Sort of serves me right for trying to do this on my own!
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