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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Recommended Permissions - Shared Pupil Folder in Technical; Hey guys, I work at a variety of primary schools which of course have a pupil shared area where staff ...
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    Recommended Permissions - Shared Pupil Folder

    Hey guys,

    I work at a variety of primary schools which of course have a pupil shared area where staff can put stuff so the pupils can read/save to their hdd etc.

    Now the problem I'm having, which I am sure is common, is that kids, they love to click and drag don't they! They just love it!

    As a result obviously We find that folders go missing and eventually are found in other folders.

    The question I am asking is what, in your opinions, would you say the best set of NTFS permissions would be for a Pupil shared are.

    They will need the ability to obviously read and write to the area, the ability to rename their work if they mis-spelt something.

    But I want to restrict them being able to move and play with the folder structure I want no more "accidental" click and drags.

    I know that by restricting them to delete a file would result in them being unable to move a file (as apparently in Microsoft's eyes thats the same thing), but what if it's one of their own files. What if they honestly saved it to the wrong folder and need to move it to an alternative.

    What are your opinions. What combinations do you use? I'm interested. If I can get a perfect combination I'm more than likely going to turn that to a standard throughout my schools.

    Obviously there is no "perfect method", schools require different things, but ideas would be interesting.


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    Be interested in that myself, have the same problem of kids just dragging folders everywhere, not malisious just poor mouse skills. So from what you say if I set there permissions to not able to delete they cant accidentally drag folders around? If thats true then job solved as if they want to delete something (which is rare) they will have to ask for permission for someone to log in and do it for them. Could someone confirm the above? or open to other suggestions as per DEvans

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