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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Printing Management Software in Technical; Printing costs here are down to 3.5k in the IT suites and the printers in the rest of the subject ...
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    Printing costs here are down to 3.5k in the IT suites and the printers in the rest of the subject rooms are controlled by their own budget restraints which they have to manage themselves but have to go through IT support for ordering.

    This is down from initial costs of nearly 15k when I first started.

    Good old RM print management tool works very well setting quotas which SLT have backed and the teachers have to adhere to.
    Will be looking at some other print management tool which will allow reporting to target those teachers and staff that print non school related documents without permission from SLT.

    Trying to utilise our student viewer program set that allows the teachers access to student work for reading purposes so students don't have to print out their work all the time for the teachers to take home for marking (Total waste).

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    Hi all,

    Anyone aware of any opensource or freeware products for setting quotas?

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    Pykota is a tool to do that I believe, Ric_ is a guru on all things cheap / free, Nix based and Printing There is something in the Edugeek Wiki about it

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