One of the organisations with which I work voluntarily is a charity. They have been given a Dell PowerVault 745N NAS but, unfortunately, they weren't given the Admin password or the original disks or USB key that came with it. They have asked the person who donated it but haven't had any luck.

I managed to reset the Admin password so we've been able to look at the various configurations but we'd prefer to reinstall from scratch. The hard drives are 2 x 40GB in RAID so, ideally, we'd like to increase the capacity (if it will accept larger drives).

I've tried slipstreaming all the appropriate drivers to a Windows 2003 installation disc but it doesn't recognise the hard drives/storage controller. I've also tried merging the RAID/storage controller drivers from driverpacks ... nada.

As a final attempt, we called Dell and they said that they can't help and they haven't responded to e-mails via their support site.

I know it's a long shot, but does anyone have the original reinstallation CDs and resource CD? It should have come with a 64MB USB key too but I understand that it can be rebuilt if the original isn't available.

If anyone has these items and can either copy the CDs or send me the originals, I'd be grateful if they could send me a PM. Alternatively, does anyone else have any ideas to get the OS reinstalled?