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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Folder permissions manager in Technical; Morning guys, Just looking for a bit of advice. I am new to folder permissions and it seems until I ...
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    Folder permissions manager

    Morning guys,

    Just looking for a bit of advice. I am new to folder permissions and it seems until I get more hands on experience in configuring and applying its all a bit vague lol. Is there a bit of software preferrably freeware which can scan folders and collate all the permission data into a CSV file? I think by doing that it would make my understanding a bit easier.

    Any advice gratefully recieved cheers in advance!

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    if you have powershell you can use

    #per file
    Get-Acl N:\Data\file.ext 
    #for a Dir
    Get-ChildItem N:\Data -recurse | Get-Acl
    #dir to csv
    Get-ChildItem N:\Data -recurse | Get-Acl | Export-csv c:\output.csv
    hope this helps

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