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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Outlook Web Access 2007 - Address Book Cache in Technical; Hi all, We are running an exchange 2007 server, on a 2003 x64 box. Staff are using OWA 2007 in ...
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    Outlook Web Access 2007 - Address Book Cache

    Hi all,

    We are running an exchange 2007 server, on a 2003 x64 box. Staff are using OWA 2007 in IE7, but we are experiencing a small issue with address book display names.

    Our head of year staff rotate every year (from Year 10 to 11, and back to Year 10 again), so I have updated AD with the updated display names to be correct. However we are getting a few calls about the cache not updating properly (it seems to be user dependant, so must be some sort of user cache for some auto-complete feature). Is it possible to do some sort of global cache clear, as one of our head of years is complaining that they are getting emails sent to her as HOY for Y10, but she is now Y11....

    Any help would be appreciated, and yes I know that using the check names button sorts the problem, but I am beginning to sound like a stuck record mentioning it to teaching and support staff.


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    Hi _techie_

    It looks like users are selecting adresses form the OWA autocomplete cache. Unlike Outlook where the autocomplete is stored in an nk2 file, in OWA it is stored in the mailbox. AFAIK there is no way to do a mass clear of the cache.

    To delete a single entry from the list using OWA:

    Highlight the name in the list using arrow up and arrow down, and press the Delete button on the keyboard).

    To delete the entire list using OWA

    Log into your mailbox using Outlook Web Access Light

    Go to Options - Messaging - Under Email Name Resolution - Click “Clear Most Recent Recipients List”

    Hope his helps


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