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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Random Exchange 2003 Problem in Technical; Its not really a problem as such - but one of our old exchange servers doesn't seem to want to ...
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    Random Exchange 2003 Problem

    Its not really a problem as such - but one of our old exchange servers doesn't seem to want to be retired!

    It has no exchange roles (AFAIK) and no mailboxes or anything like that. But as soon as you either
    A. turn it off
    B. uninstall exchange
    C. stop exchange services
    it just starts to crash peoples outlook or causes it not to load.

    Its not really a problem as its now a vm and just sits there doing nothing. But i cannot seem to get rid of the machine which ever way i have tried.

    All my other exchange servers are 2007 and this one is 2003. Nobody that currently works here was involved in the migration to 2007 and doesnt know why this server was left as 2003!

    The only thing we can think of is that the users that it cuases the problems for where once on the exchange server with there mailboxes moved and for some reason its affecting them!

    Any one got any ideas i could try which might mean i can kill off this server once and for all!!


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    Number of things to check for:
    Public folder replication; Off-line address books; database replication; and something else that I can't just remember The reason it was possibly left was for exactly the issue that you are facing now. It might just be worth leaving it as it's doing something but on the face of it nothing, if you see what I mean. Exchange is a beast at the best of times. There are a few KBs on the Technet site about retiring 2003 Exchange servers and removing the last 2003 Exchange server.
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