Does anyone have a guide for firewall settings on server 2003r2. I've noticed in many schools (not just mine) that the servers have their firewalls turned off. I'm just worried that if I use one I might miss an exception and the system will fall over.

What ports does a DC need open? a server running SQLs? what about a proprietary program how do I test it without disturbing the system.

I have 2 DCs they need to sync what special firewall rule should I use? how long does it take for the DCs to complain if they're having a problem? ooh and DHCP/DNS? arrg.

Probably you're going to tell me do loads of research and roll it out slowly but is there a better way. (a better way would have been the original sys admin turn it on and troubleshoot day one)

anyhow does anyone have a technique for post/legacy firewall implementation? I have 9 servers 2 DCs