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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Exchange self signed certificate in Technical; Hi Guys I have recently reissued a self signed certificate for our exchange 2003 but for some reason users are ...
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    Exchange self signed certificate

    Hi Guys

    I have recently reissued a self signed certificate for our exchange 2003 but for some reason users are getting the certifcate warning error!

    Internally in school the warning doesnt come up but it does when you access it from home! The warning shows up everytime you open a message or new window etc...

    Have i missed out something on exchnage where i need to setup something?
    We used to have a self issued certificate before and this never happened?


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    Users at home will have to install the Self Signed Certificate on the PC they are using to show it as valid. They probably did this in the past but as its a new one it will need doing again. Its much easier to get a publically signed one, and they are very cheap now, and in cases even free this makes life much easier.

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    I have a similar problem too.
    Our self-signed certificate on Exchange 2007 expired. it has been 1 years since our server has been setup buy someone else who is not contactable.
    I have followed the instructions on "exchangepedia exchange-server-2007-renewing-self" and all seems to be ok.
    The old unvalid certificate is there and also the new one with the new expiration date.
    All is working for MS outlook users and the certificate error is not shown, however when trying to access using the web access http servername/owa we get a 403.4 error. I tried going to https instead and works. Thats ok internall, but when accessing from remote.schoolname.lea.sch.uk either on http or https the 403 error is shown. Are these instructions correct? have I made a mistake somewhere? does the old certificate need to be removed first? (didnt want to incase I did something wrong)

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