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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, How many servers/Domain controllers in Technical; We currently have 7 servers consisting of: 1 x file server 1 x mail/web server 1 x application server 1 ...
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    How many servers/Domain controllers

    We currently have 7 servers consisting of:
    1 x file server
    1 x mail/web server
    1 x application server
    1 x print server
    1 x sql/sims server
    2 x domain controllers

    The two domain controllers are relatively low spec and I'm thinking of consolodating our server structure by moving active directory onto 2 or more of the other servers and decommisioning the domain controllers.

    How does this compare to the server setups that other schools use? Does anyone have any recommendation on which of the other servers (if any) active directory should exist on?

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    Lost Count! From what I can remember without looking it up we have....

    Physical -
    1 x File server (soon to be VirtualServer05R2 Host - virtualising the current file server)
    3 x VirtualServer05R2 Hosts (one of these is also a DC, GC and DNS Server)
    1 x Hyper-V2 Host
    1 x Kaspersky AV Server
    1 x WSUS + RIS Server
    1 x DC/GC/DNS Server

    Virtual (all seperate machines)
    DC/GC/DNS, DHCP, 2x Files Servers, Apps Server, Eclipse, 4x SIMS servers, Terminal Server, Spiceworks, 2x Print Servers (1 64bit), Booking Pro, AUP, Yosemite Backup, Assett Database (WAMP), AQA, Star Accounts, and I'm sure there are/will be others.

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    1 DNS/Print Server
    2 DC
    1 ISA
    1 Mailserver
    1 Intranet
    1 Fileserver
    1 Software
    1 Backup Exec/AV NOD32
    1 for DeepFreeze/Acronis
    1 Frog Server
    1 Hyper-V Server

    4 Virtual Misc servers



    2 DC
    1 Fileserver
    1 DNS/Print Server
    1 ISA
    2 Mailservers (in transition from 2003 to 2010)
    1 Sims
    1 FMS
    1 Data Storage
    1 Backup Exec
    1 Data Storage Array

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    hmmmm... lets see:

    5 x Pupil Data Servers
    5 DCs
    1 Moodle Server
    3 Printservers
    1 Staff File Server
    2 MIS Servers
    1 SQL 2005 (soon to be 2008) server
    1 AV Server
    1 Remote File Access Server
    2 Exam Servers
    1 ICT Support Server
    4 individual Departmental Servers
    1 ISA Server
    1 Digital Signage Server
    2 Application Servers
    1 Policy Central Server
    1 Exchange Server
    1 Pupil Email Server
    1 Common File share server
    plus the odd testing server

    In short.... LOTS!!!

    Of course Physically that equates to 9 servers running VMWare ESXi with a fully virtualised servers

    Oh we also have 3 Backup servers that run VEEAM and VSphere (all our virtuals are backed up every night) and to cap it off 1 Ghost Deployment Server

    i think thats about it

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    Currently we have:

    1x File
    1x Applications / Software Library
    1x SIMS/FMS + admin files
    1x DC
    1x Sophos / Ghosting / Misc
    1x FreeNAS
    1x Backup D2D2T system

    Over the summer I hope to be replacing all of the current kit to move to:
    2x File
    2x DC
    1x much beefier Applications / Software Library
    1x much beefier SIMS/FMS/Admin
    1x Sophos / Ghosting / Misc
    1x Spiceworks / IT Dept shared
    1x FreeNAS
    1x Backup D2D2T system

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    Ideally - keep your domain controllers separate, either as virtual machines or physical boxes. In terms of actual grunt work, DCs do little. In terms of "needs to be available, accurate, secure" it's worth not installing extra cruft on them.

    We have 4 DCs at present (2 normally, 2 new ones that are around due to a migration from 2003-2008), but we usually run with 2 and that's all they do (1 physical, 3 virtual).

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    We currently have the following setup:

    Site A
    8 x MIS Servers
    1 x MIS Disk Backup Server
    1 x MIS SAN
    3 x DC's
    2 x Home area servers
    6 x Blades running 20 VM servers
    2 x SANs
    1 x Deployment/net apps
    2 x Internal DNS
    2 x External DNS
    1 x Smoothwall UTM 1000
    2 x Smoothwall NG08
    1 x Web Server
    1 x Reverse Porxy
    1 x Moodle
    1 x VoIP Server
    1 x Door Access Server
    1 x Disk Backup for non MIS

    Site B
    2 x DC
    2 x Internal DNS
    1 x Helpdesk Server
    1 x File Archive Server
    1 x Students Web Hosting Server

    Site C
    1 x DC / DNS

    Site D

    1 x DC / DNS

    I think that's all of them, all the sites are linked with LES100 Connections. Currently all internet traffic routes to Site A.
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