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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, domain admin rights in Technical; Morning all, Have started a new job this morning as a NM, now for the bad side............ well theres alot ...
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    domain admin rights

    Morning all,

    Have started a new job this morning as a NM, now for the bad side............ well theres alot to list so ill start with a simple one!

    I have two techs here and myself set up user account for myself added domain admin rights ect and then added them as domain admin (they were not before) as they cannot install software for some reason....

    All of us now cannot install software says " You do not have sufficicient privileges to complete this installation for all users of this machine"?

    any ideas? Cheers

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    Move a client into an OU that doesn't have any GPO's applied and test I suspect that you will be able to install software then. If you can then you need to use the GPMC to see what GPO's are applying to prevent you installing software, make sure that 'restricted groups' aren't configured incorrectly and removing domain admins from the local admins group etc

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    It does sound like a GPO problem that is possibly causing the issue.

    You could check to see if the Domain Admins group is part of the local Administrator Group on the problematic workstation before making any changes in AD.

    If your domain permits it you could try logging on locally and running the install, if that works it's likely to be a GPO issue.
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