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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, How to Map a Shared Drive based on the users OU?? in Technical; Hi All I hope someone can help me with this. I have my student users set out in an OU ...
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    Question How to Map a Shared Drive based on the users OU??

    Hi All

    I hope someone can help me with this.

    I have my student users set out in an OU called Students and then in classes (P1, P2, etc) and what I want to do is run a script using the exiting Student user GPO settings that looks to see which OU they are in and map the shared drive for that particular class.

    So, for instance, say roger-rabbit logs on and he's in S3 the script will map \\server\shares\Senior\Senior3 but if jessica-rabbit logs on in P2 she will get a mapped drive of \\server\shares\Primary\Primary2

    I used to do it the long way round of having an GPO for each OU which mapped the drive out, but to be honest, I'm being lazy and seeing if there's a better option. If not then I'll resort to the old fashioned method, but hoping that someone might know of something that does the trick.

    It's something I overlooked in the server rebuild so when the ICT teacher came to teach a lesson based on stuff she'd dumped in the class folders and they weren't there ... oopsy ..

    Cheers all

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    Group Policy Preference Extensions. Allows you to do that and lots more. If you are using 2k3 you will have to setup the GPO from a Win7 machine but thats the only limitation of it.

    Or you can make members of an OU automatically join a Security Group using AD and then use isMember in your script to map the drive.
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