Had this as fun and games over the weekend along with another issue (but that's a different story).

The ML115 includes an on-board RAID controller which is actually an nVidia chipset.

For whatever reason HP do not include the MediaShield software interface so RAID becomes instantly useless with no notification of bad disks, etc...

Anyway... did a bit of digging and came across this post (for the Win2k8 server) and applied the information from the last post to my own situation.

  1. Download and extract the HP ML115 Nvidia storage driver from the HP site and copy all files within: RAID_10.3.54.10_S2K3_32\2003_32\RAID_10.3.54.10_S2 K3_32
    Select All and Copy.
  2. Download and extract the nvidia 9.28 driver.
    Source: nForce Driver
  3. Paste the copied files from step 1) in to:
    9.28_nforce_winserv2003_32bit_international_whql\I DE\WinXP\sata_ide


    9.28_nforce_winserv2003_32bit_international_whql\I DE\WinXP\sataraid
  4. Run the setup.exe in
    .. and select the "Nvidia Storage Driver" option

This then ran successfully, reinstalling my RAID drivers and required a reboot...

When it was all back up again the MediaShield RAID tool is now available in the start menu and on the desktop.

No idea why HP are so bloodyminded about this sort of thing but hopefully that will be of use... and with hindsight I think I would have bought a specific RAID controller but with time running out this is what we're left with...