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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Add printer driver without *.INF file to server 2003 in Technical; ...
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    Add printer driver without *.INF file to server 2003

    Hi All

    Is there a way to add printer driver without .INF file? Situation is this, I donít have a CD for the printer I just downloaded .EXE file to install, anyway I could install this setup file manually, but this installation would make restart the server, I donít want to restart the server, Ďadd printerí setup procedure prompt for driver .INF file.


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    try something like powerarchiever / winrar etc on the exe file see if you can extract the files.

    failing that empty the temp folder run the exe and grab files from temp not clicking any next etc buttons then shen you have copied files out of temp kill the installer

  3. Thanks to sted from:

    shafeek (29th March 2010)

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    Universal Extractor is usually quite nifty for this -

    Universal Extractor | LegRoom.net

    will unpack installshield etc exe setup files. Alternatively, as suggested above, grabbing the files from the temp folder while setup is running on another machine is an option.

    What's the printer? Someone may have already done this and be willing to share

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