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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, External Access to school shared drives in Technical; Originally Posted by p858snake They don't really, They just get a system how they would at school (although some slight ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by p858snake View Post
    They don't really, They just get a system how they would at school (although some slight differences because of TS GPOs) and use that, And it doesn't need to the activex webpart for it, You can use any remote desktop app that supports MS's RDP protocol (for example, the one builtin into XP/Vista/Seven, Linux has a few, even ipod touch/iphone has clients that can do it).
    There's a proper version of Remote Desktop for OS X, too, so you can add Macs to that list and support everyone!


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    I've just bought a SonicWall SSL VPN 4200. Basically a web interface, you log in with your AD username and password and then you get access to what ever shares the sys admin feels you should.

    However just to be honest, the 4200 is the bottom of the rance model and might not be usefull in a school your size as it is rated for 50 concurrent connnections and is relatively basic in terms of it's features. The recommended model (when I talked to Sonic Wall) was much more expense. It does however have a number of very good features to protect your network and the data on it and if I had the cash I would have gone for it.

    We decided to go for the lower model as I am anticipating (or should that be hoping) for a slow uptake in it's use plus I can't predict how many concurrnet connections I am likely to have.

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    Hi Guys

    Bringing this one back from the dead, does anyone have any experience with openvpn.net? sounds like a good idea but im a bit of a miss atm to know how to use it, will have some time after easter to probably work on it but wanted opinions first.

    Thanks all

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