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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Backupexec 11d Import/Export tape options in Technical; I use the Import/Export tape options to Eject and Insert tapes to and from our tape library, it saves me ...
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    Backupexec 11d Import/Export tape options

    I use the Import/Export tape options to Eject and Insert tapes to and from our tape library, it saves me messing with the front panel of the tape loader to remove and add tapes. The problem is that the Export job takes over 40 minutes to complete, although it does it's job very quickly - i.e the tape is moved to the mailslot, and I can remove it after about 30 seconds, but the job sits there still running for a further 39 minutes for some reason. When it eventually completes, it reports a sucess.

    Similar with the import job, except this time it take ages before it actually moves the tape from the mailslot on the loader to the right slot, takes about 20 minutes for the job to report a success - so that's 1 hour just to complete an export and import of a tape - that can't be right can it??

    We're running backup exec 11d with an Overland LTO4 tape changer. Everything else works brilliantly on it, the system backs up extreemly well. Anyone got any idea what I might be able to change to rectify the issue of exporting and importing tapes, as it's bugging me. We can live with it, but I'd rather it worked a bit more swiftly than this if possible.


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    Hi Maniac,

    Does your tape library employ a magazine loading system, or do all of that tapes have to go thru the mailslot to be loaded/ejected from the system? (is your system a NEO200S or NEO400S?).

    Is there a particular context in which you are importing/exporting your tapes? (ie. loading a single tape for a specific restore job, or loading your weeks tapes in to the system, etc)


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