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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, GPO Software Uninstallation Error in Technical; After deployment of MSI (ISA Client) Package in gpo, by mistake I removed GPO. Due to this reason after removing ...
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    GPO Software Uninstallation Error

    After deployment of MSI (ISA Client) Package in gpo, by mistake I removed GPO.
    Due to this reason after removing isa client from every client pc isa client package auto installed through gpo. I want to remove this GPO Installation Package.
    Is it possible ?
    Please help me.

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    If you have disabled the gpo the computers should automatically uninstall the package from the client when the group policy updates and the computer reboots.

    You do need to leave the msi in the deploy directory so when the software is being uninstalled the client can find it.

    You can also put a tick in the package deploy in the group policy to say uninstall if it falls out of scope. This is useful if you have limited liciences for a package and only use it in say 1 room. If you move the computer to another room and move the ou that it is in. It will automatically remove the package.


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    The machine will only uninstall the app if it has had the following ticked in the Deployment tab.

    "Uninstall this application when it falls out of the scope of management"


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    Have a look at one of the machines to see how the package can be uninstalled - run regedit and browse to HKLM\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\uni nstall

    Find the ISA client under there (probably search for "ISA") - you'll find a batch of info on the right hand side. Check that you've got the right thing by looking at the "displayname" value. Now look at the uninstall string; it will probably something like msiexec /x {GUID - big set of numbers}

    Make note of that string.

    At a prompt type:

    msiexec /q /x {GUID}
    to uninstall the program.

    When you're sure that works, you can put it in a machine startup script. Ideally, you want to only run it if the software is installed so you can do something like:

    if not exist "c:\program files\microsoft isa client\isaclient.exe" goto end
    msiexec /q /x {GUID}
    - the first line is checking to see if the program is still there; you will need to change the file for one that would really be there on a system with the ISA client.

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