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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Second hand server +/- CALs? in Technical; I know that licencing is a big, complicated subject so I hope that someone can shed light on a scenario: ...
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    Second hand server +/- CALs?

    I know that licencing is a big, complicated subject so I hope that someone can shed light on a scenario:

    1. If I purchase a second hand server (Dell, HP etc.) which was bought originally with OEM Windows 2003, I presume that the licence would transfer with the hardware?

    2. What if the original company had purchased (say 20) CALs for use on their network with this server - would the CALs transfer with the server or would they still be registered (and available only) to the original company? If so, can the registered "owner" be changed?

    3. If the original company retained the Windows 2003 CALs, can they be upgraded to Windows 2008 CALs?

    4. What if the original company decides to go away from Microsoft completely (unlikely, but a possible scenario) in favour of Linux, what happens to the CALs that were purchased? Can they be resold (I doubt it) or passed on with the original server hardware?

    I realise that I might be asking the same question in several ways, but I though it would be sensible to put all the questions here than scatter them throughout a thread.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Disclaimer - I may not be correct, contact Microsoft to make sure.

    I think

    The OEM server licence is locked to the hardware and moves with the server, but the CALs are licensed to the company and not transferrable.

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