I have a default user profile created from a clean vista laptop that was created from a test pupil. The pupils have the same redirected desktop and start menu. Untill today I didn't realise that the profile would retain this redirected information and now explains certain instances where files have appeard on pupils desktops.

This had most recently cropped up when the Vsphere installer appeared on all pupils desktops. I thought it was a click drag mistake!

Anyhow this has only recently come to light as my non-profiled admin account (ZAK) was building his profile from default and the staff gp was not applied (to not re-direct the desktop) ZAK unfortunately had permissions to alter the re-directed desktop arrg. This took ages to discover!

Anyhow new staff users must soon be created and although they will have profiles, I don't want them made from the default user profile. I've added ACE on the Default User Profile for the security group "staff" to deny. Will this cause an error or will the profile continue and be built from the workstations local copy as if it were never there?


p.s. I'll try to get to the point next time.