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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Monitoring internet use per AD login in Technical; I know there squid works with all versions of IE and Firefox. Not tested with Opera. I know that Chrome ...
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    I know there squid works with all versions of IE and Firefox.

    Not tested with Opera. I know that Chrome has issues with some version of squid, so you would need to be on at 2.7 build of squid.

    You can also redirect all port 80 and 443 traffic through squid via your router to stop people by passing etc.


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    I would advise against using ident. I found that using ident causes quite a delay in loading a page sometimes because it has to wait for the ident response before fetching the page. We use dansguardian and squid to integrate AD. Tho be carefull because if you dont setup any encryption then passwords are transmitted between squid and ad in clear text meaning you can actuarly use a packet sniffer to capture passwords.

    If your looking for just a way to log pages accessed install a new box after your current just for auditing purposes. Ive used endian for this in the past its free and has ad integration and its pretty easy to setup.

    We also found you can assign different filtering levels to staff children and administrators

    Hope this helps

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    What model no of Watch Guard Firebox are you using?
    I currently am running two types. The Firebox X Edge e-Series X20e and Firebox X Core e-Series X550e both with Version 11.2 Software across three schools.

    I have one set of rules that covers the whole school, pupils and teachers alike which is not ideal. Once I get back to school for the new term I will be setting up and using Single Sign On (SSO) which is within the Watch Guard. This will then allow me to make different sets of rules for different groups i.e. pupils and teachers and the works on your AD authentication within your domain. It’s a two part install with SSO agent and SSO client, the agent is install on your domain and the client on you Pc’s. This gets around having to authenticate twice.

    Once this is done you know who has logged on where, now you can set up an internet logging server/service. I have been told it will take up a fair bit of space when running so just bare that in mind.

    I will be back to work on Tuesday/Wednesday this coming week and can scan and give you the set up instruction if you wish.

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    I would be careful with Identd its not ideal, we used it in a Coucil and I found I could just create a local user account and pretend that I was the Chief Exec in the logs.

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