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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Exchange Rename in Technical; Hi guys Bit of a procedural question. I've been asked to change our school wide e-mail addresses from a .sch.uk ...
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    Exchange Rename

    Hi guys

    Bit of a procedural question. I've been asked to change our school wide e-mail addresses from a .sch.uk domain to a .org.uk.

    Our mail server is hosted internally. We have the new domain registered via BT (still trying to get into the account to see what I can do there..).

    Presumably I need to change the SMTP settings on the mail server, and adjust the DNS entries for the old domain on our DCs. What else..How do I make sure it all filters down to the users outlook settings..a GPO?

    Can anyone provide a brief pointer to the steps I need to follow? How hard is it? How long will it take me.

    Many thanks


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    You will need to change the MX records of your new domain to point to your "public" Ip address of your exchange server.

    Then use "exchange recipient policy" to add the new email address for all/selected users.

    Llots of guides on google a quick serach brings Change the Primary Email Address in Exchange 2007

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    Do you definately want to change from one to the other straight away, or might you want to co-exist for a while?

    You can set Exchange to send / receive by multiple domains. I've done this previously with .sch.uk and .co.uk - essentially a user has username@.sch.uk and an @.co.uk address, you just specify which one to use by default. That way you won't have the headache about emails being sent to accounts that don't exist etc?

    If you do here are some instructions for 2003 (assuming you posted in the correct forum )
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