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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Thoughts please. in Technical; Hi all I currently have our old Curriculum domain controller sitting here waiting to be reassigned as something else but ...
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    Thoughts please.

    Hi all
    I currently have our old Curriculum domain controller sitting here waiting to be reassigned as something else but I not sure what to use it for. We have 2 networks here, 1 Admin (for Head teacher and office staff x3), the other Curriculum (for Staff, Students and everyone else). The Admin server is as old as the hills P2 400Mhz running Server 2000 but still works. Should I reassign the old Curriculum DC as a new Admin DC or alternately merge the 4 users on the existing Admin network into the new Curriculum network, scrap the old Admin server and put the old Curriculum server to use elsewhere?

    Any suggestions?

    Hope this made sense, it did to me but then I wrote it.

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    Merge, and write off the P2 machine or donate to a genuine thirld world charity

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    Merge them - one network is much easier to manage than 2. Especially as you have so few users on it. I did this 2 years ago when I started here. I don't know why people still have them like this, especially with MIS in place.

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    I Agree with the others Merge them, our old domain was like that, 100 times better now

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