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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, AD Help in Technical; You could have a scheduled task with VBS to do what you're after but it's a lot of messing around. ...
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    You could have a scheduled task with VBS to do what you're after but it's a lot of messing around.

    Presumably 09 = year of intake, that's never going to change so you wouldn't need to move the folder anyway?

    The only thing I could understand you needing to change is group memberships if you've named the groups year 7 and the like (could avoid by giving groups the intake year :-P).

    Then for the home dir/folder creation create a template user with the \\path\to\folder\%username% add the groups and just 'copy' each user like the guys have said :-)

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    Hi, Thanks again. Forgive me for being stupid, i managed to get the home directories setup and working brilliantly,thanks, now when the user is created a profile isnt generate (like the home dir is), does that generate when the user logs onto the computer?

    Thanks again guys, you have been a great help

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    Appreciate you have almost solved your problem, but just thought I'd add the program I'm using to the list! We moved away from Learning Network Manager this year, which did a lot of the setup in AD for us, and I was recommended Ad Infinitum from New Fawm Creations in New Zealand. I downloaded the fully functioning 30 day trial, and liked it enough to buy it (they can invoice in sterling) - think it was about NZ$200. You can import from csv, including passwords if you want, set up home directory folders, allocate profiles if wanted and put the users into the correct AD. You can then save the settings for future use. You can also use it to change settings on existing users, and move users around AD. Link here:

    AD Infinitum Active Directory network administration multiple user manager tool for Windows 2000 and NT4

    Click on downloads on the left to download the trial. It works from any networked PC with admin rights.

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