Sorry about the wall of text, but i feel this needs a detailed explanation. I recently installed WSUS sp1 onto server 2003 sp2 with IIS. soon after (about a day) machines stopped communicating with the console. checking the event logs, i was getting a series of 6 errors from WSUS, with eventids in this order: 13042, 12002, 12032, 12022, 12042, 12052. this happened every 6 hours until i restarted the IIS admin service, after which machines started reporting again. the problem is that it fails like this at least every couple of days, requiring a restart of IIS. even running wsusutil.exe checkhealth caused it to fail. I recently upgraded to WSUS sp2, which i thought had fixed the issue, as it worked fine for 3 days, and even after running wsusutil check i didn't get any errors. now it does exactly the same thing as it did before i upgraded. i've googled for answers, re-installed IIS and WSUS 3 times, but am out of solutions and i'm stumped. please help!