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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Externally Accessed Document Storage in Technical; Hello! I work for a High School based in Leicester and we run the learning platform Its Learning of which ...
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    Externally Accessed Document Storage


    I work for a High School based in Leicester and we run the learning platform Its Learning of which we pay for the amount of content they hold for us i.e. a Gig of data may cost us 10. Obviously if users upload lots of Videos and Pictures it costs us more for them to hold are info.

    I was thinking about setting up an external document server that could be hosted here so all we would need to do then is put a link within are its learning courses to are files on the sever here! this would mean all of the large files we pay a lot to host with its learning are on are server saving us the hosting money!

    Would anyone know how I would go about setting this up, i've got a spare Windows Server i'm assuming you would need to register an external Domain Name for it so it could be access to add and remove files to over the net? and that about as far as i've got!

    The users would need assess to some sort of external shared drive so they can add documents to it.



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    Not really my area of knowledge, but I have used HTTP Commander before. Essentially a web front end for users home directories, shared resources etc. I'm sure that this could be configured to do what you want.

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