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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, NTFS Bulk Permissions Help! in Technical; thank you to everyone, I had the same problem. Great to have a thread with a number of clear solutions, ...
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    thank you to everyone, I had the same problem. Great to have a thread with a number of clear solutions, perhaps it could be made a sticky?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cookie_monster View Post
    @ mac_shinobi, sorry I didn't see that reply.

    Just go to the share and right click it then add a group with all students in and uncheck the 'full control' box and check the 'Change' box. You can also add staff groups so they could have full control.

    Windows 2003 Share Permissions

    Windows 2000/2003 NTFS and Share Permissions
    no worries - im not fussed either way

    wonder if he used FF or IE to access the wisesoft website ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by srochford View Post
    Well, that's pretty but no use. To make it do something "real" you change that echo to something meaningful:
    cd \Users\Students\Work\Intake07\ 
    for /d %i in (*) do cacls %i /e /t /g %i:c
    this will give you a series of commands and because your username matches the folder name it will work - eg you'll get
    That scripts works brilliantly.
    I've had to move home directories and roaming profile directories in order to upgrade one of our servers and used this script this morning.

    We are currently running a mixed environment of Win XP & Win 7, so the roaming profiles actually create folders with a trailing .V2 for the Win 7 profiles.

    Now of course the script can't find the user "user.name.V2" as they don't exist, so could anyone tell me how to omit the ".V2" from the variable "%%i" so that it will find the correct AD object to apply permissions.

    Many thanks in advance.


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