Am currently tweaking our VPN that is powered by ISA 2006 from a preshared key (not given to staff, has been deployed via CMAK), however I am wanting to switch to a certificate based system due to the added benefits, namely kicking a system off the VPN without having to change the preshared key.

However I've come to a stop at the most basic part... Getting the template I've created in certtmpl.msc into my certificate authority, below are the steps I've taken (referenced from SAMS Microsoft ISA 2006 Book):

Creating the template
I've opened up certtmpl.msc on the CA and duplicated the template named Computer, from there I enabled the option to have the private key exported and given the template a name (VPN Clients).

Importing the template
Now this should be the easy bit, I open the CA console and navigate to Certificate Templates, right click New, Certificate Template, a window now appears listing all my templates I can import, however my template isn't there!

So am hoping someone has done something similar, my CA is running Win2k3 R2 SP2 and is setup in Enterprise mode.