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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Seperate desktops for Infants and Juniors in Technical; First stage of my new DC installation complete. What would be the best way for me to have a seperate ...
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    Seperate desktops for Infants and Juniors

    First stage of my new DC installation complete.

    What would be the best way for me to have a seperate desktop for the infants and for the juniors. My engineer suggested i just basically put 2 folders on the desktop "juniors" and "infants". He says this is a more managable way....and we all like managable....but i think it a bit....meh!

    I think if thats the case, i might just give them the same desktop...

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    Asumeing that you are using redirectied desktops a different policy for each group would allow for a different desktop for each lot of users. You can either have them under different OUs, one core policy at the top and then one for each desktop for each OU.

    -Students (permissions GPO)
    |-Junior (Junior Desktop Redirect GPO)
    |-Senior (Senior Desktop Redirect GPO)

    Or you could do it with groups and seporate policies with different permissions - this is messier though and not the best way.

    -Students (permissions GPO)
    (Junior Desktop Redirect GPO) + security for only junior group
    (Senior Desktop Redirect GPO) + security for only senior group
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    It does work, but when the infants become juniors you have to switch them over and I can't be bothered!

    I use a single desktop for all pupils, but have a shortcut to a "Today's lesson" folder on the desktop.

    The teachers in Infants use this to drop in whatever they need for the lesson that day (shortcut to website or software, document, etc). They manage it themselves very well - if there's more than a couple of things in it , it confuses the tiddlers.

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