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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Exchange Server 2007 and DNS Issues. in Technical; Here is the situation.. we are running a Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition 64-Bit server.. and our domain controller is a ...
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    Smile Exchange Server 2007 and DNS Issues.

    Here is the situation..

    we are running a Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition 64-Bit server..
    and our domain controller is a 32-bit standard edition windows server 2003

    > we have installed exchange 2007 and are having problems with getting mail to send and recieve..

    i am aware this is due to dns and our old system was running on a external mail server with some hosting provider..

    > i have full access to the external dns server from our web host.
    and the internal server/domain controller.
    the mail server is mail.domain-name for smtp and pop

    i am just wondering what records need to be added on either end.

    your help would be much apreciated..


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    What exactly is the problem that you're getting with send/receive? Is it outlook you are using with Exchange? If so what version?

    If you're using Outlook then so long as the client can resolve the name of the Exchange server and access the various websites that Exchange creates (the autodiscover site and the one it uses to distribute the offline address book) then it should be fine.

    To check your external DNS is working, you can run this command:

    nslookup -q=mx yourdomain.com

    This should return the MX records for your domain, check that the IP address is correct i.e. not your old server and it should be either your new server or just your public IP which should then port forward to your Exchange Server.

    All depends on exactly what the problem is though you're getting with clients.


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