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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, New Domain + Exchange in Technical; Hi, We currently have 2 DCs and 1 exchange server. I have just purchased 3 servers to replace/add to the ...
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    New Domain + Exchange


    We currently have 2 DCs and 1 exchange server. I have just purchased 3 servers to replace/add to the current setup. 1 of the current DCs will remain a DC along with 2 of the new servers (so 3 DCs in total) The other new server will become the new exchange server (4 servers in total). A new domain will be created during the revamp. This will include recreating all users.

    I will be following How to Move Exchange Server 2003 to New Hardware and Keep the Same Server Name to transfer exchange to the new server. So the exchange server will have the same name, ip and be setup the same as the old server.

    My problem is getting users mailboxes associated with the new user accounts once the databases have been copied to the new exchange server. The usernames etc will be exactly the same. Does anyone have any information on this? Or have you done it before?

    Many thanks,


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    If I've got this right you currently have two DCs and you're going to initially demote one (probably as a member server), then eventually remove it I presume? This then leaves just the 1 DC and an Exchange server.

    You then talk about re-creating a new domain. Have you considered re-naming your current domain and then adding new DCs? You can then rely on replication to move your Active Directory structure, policies, users and computers. You can then transfer all FSMO roles too and eventually demote the existing DC. Have you considered this (if it's an option to you)?

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