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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Upgrading a Server with Ranger in Technical; Hi guys, The server in one of my primary schools is running Ranger. Its a pretty old server now so ...
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    Upgrading a Server with Ranger

    Hi guys,

    The server in one of my primary schools is running Ranger. Its a pretty old server now so we are looking to get a new one in its place.

    The server software however was only installed last year so id like to keep all the AD accounts and files as they are.

    Is there any fast way of doing this?

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    the easiest way would be to install the server software on the new server and make it a secondary domain controller.

    wait a while after doing this for things to replicate

    then install ranger on the second server and make it part of the same organisation. (this is easy for secondary as it supports two servers not sure about primary)

    then start removing things from the old server

    you will need to run FCRconfig(think thats what its called) twice, once to add the new server, once to remove the old server.

    finally run DCPromo to remove the old server from the domain and roberts your mothers brother

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