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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, suspended msi install help in Technical; Hi, I am deploying StarOffice 9 by MSI to a bunch of laptops. Most have gone OK but some have ...
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    suspended msi install help


    I am deploying StarOffice 9 by MSI to a bunch of laptops. Most have gone OK but some have failed saying that the deployment was suspended. I have restarted tham and they have not picked up the package again from the server. Having looked back at the logs, the server thinks that it has installed them correctly. I can't find any registry entries (althought I don't really know where to look or if they would be relevant)for the installation but there were some installed files which I have deleted.

    Sould I just set the group policy to remove staroffice package and then reinstall it? I'm not sure how this would affect the others that it did install on tho?

    I have looked at installing it manually on these machines, but the original msi is in german and is modified with an MST file!

    Any help appreciated!



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    Try running GPupdate /force on these machines. Also check to see if Star Office has appeared in Add/Remove programs. If it has see if you can click the repair option.

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