Yes, you read the topic correctly...

I'm curious about how I'd accomplish this task - we have a 'live' AD at school, I've created a test network also which is a skeleton of the live (for all intents and purposes it matches the configuration, but doesn't house all the user data...).

What I'm curious about is how can I make a copy of this skeleton environment?
I can easily setup some VMs here at home but I want to copy the skeleton environment so I have a test environment here at home as well as at work.

What would be the best way to achieve this?

(The 'test' network is Hyper-V based, however I don't want to simply copy the VMs, as they will have the DNS and IP configuration of the network at work - which is totally different to here at home)

Would running ADMTv2 and FSMT be acceptable ways to clone the environment?

I'm keen to do this so I have an exact (except for IPs and server names) copy of the skeleton at work - true I *could* just VPN in, but that tends to tie up the house DSL line.

Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions?