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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Domain Controller issues (Event ID 1054) in Technical; This is an old problem that I've never manage to get resolved (see here ) The server is a domain ...
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    Domain Controller issues (Event ID 1054)

    This is an old problem that I've never manage to get resolved (see here)

    The server is a domain controller, running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise x64 edition

    The problem is that every few minutes it would report this error in the event log:

    Event: 1054
    Windows cannot obtain the domain controller name for your computer network.
    (An unexpected network error occurred. ). Group Policy processing aborted.

    The server seems to be working ok - it's allowing logons and the Active Directory is syncing ok. A file dropped in the SYSVOL is replicated and visible on the other DC without any issues.

    I did a search and found something relating to the AMD Dual Core drivers. These reduced the errors down to just once every few hours, if not longer.

    I also had another server the same make and model (not a DC) with the same OS with the same problem, and installing this driver cured it completely on there.

    I'm wondering if it's an issue with the DNS. As I have only two servers, lets call them


    and if AA-SERVER is the main domain controller and BB-SERVER is the one with the issues, can anyone give me a quick runthrough to see if the settings in my DNS are correct. The network has had two server failures (both DCs) in the past and I'm wondering if this is part of the problem.

    All the entries for the old DCs are gone, but I'm concerned that there is a setting for BB-SERVER which is wrong.

    I was tempted to power the machine off over Easter, remove the HDD and install the 32 bit version with the same domain name and IP address and such but then there's the hassle or problems of whether I'd need to demote before I rebuild.

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    we are getting this on our clients. Been a while now. Just found this thread Strange problem with Group Policies and machine startup.
    will give it a go to see what happens.

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