Hi, staff here have laptops that although they cannot access the internet at home (due to the proxy being applied via group policy, although considering firefox and if that might work but anayways...), teachers have their laptops at home for office etc.

We have a gpo enforcing the cacheedlogonscount is set to 12 and all has been fine.

now though any new latop added to the domain (or a wiped and reloaded older laptop) resets the value to 0

If i use gpupdate /force and refresh the registry i can see the value has changed to 12 but as soon as i log off and back on it resets again to 0.

I have tried new GPOs with registry changes instead of windows settings\local policies\security options but this doesn't work either

I have tried putting a test laptop in an OU with no policies applied, this makes no difference.

I have been through all GPOs to find something that is causing this.. but unable to.

The only thinkg i can see is the possibility that having added a secon dc to our domain may have had an impact?

Replication seems to be working fine, and i can find hex folders within sysvol that match the GPOs i've created on the second dc.

using gpresult i can see sometimes the policie are applied from both servers (user and computer) and sometimes from just my original dc

within event viewer all seems ok apart from under application on the second dc. Here i am having a warning;

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: File Change Replicator
Event Category: None
Event ID: 128
Date: 23/02/2009
Time: 11:39:27
User: N/A
Computer: <server name>
Unable to connect to a File Change Replicator publisher located on
machine: '<server name (original dc)'. Will retry in 3600 seconds. Error code: 2

Basically i'm pulling my hair out trying to fix this.. kinda concerned it may effect the current laptops that are ok too!

Oh, problem with the cachedlogonscount being set to 0 is staff cannot log on to their laptops away from the domain (but you probably already know that!)

Many thanks in advance for any help and pointers in the right direction