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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Resizing partitions after Drive upgrade :) in Technical; I just had to post a little report of the awesomeness of the diskpart utility in Windows 2003. The scenario ...
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    Smile Resizing partitions after Drive upgrade :)

    I just had to post a little report of the awesomeness of the diskpart utility in Windows 2003. The scenario was: I had installed two extra drives to a RAID controllers disk set and after the controllers redistribution of data was complete I needed to extend the partition to inclued all of the new free space.

    The usual corse of action would be to boot the server into gParted and resize the partition from there taking untold eons of time while the server was offline.

    I thought why not give google a go as 2008 has a nice quick online resize tool surely something simmilar exists for 2003. Answer, yes there is no GUI but the diskpart utility can do an almost instant expantion into the new space even on basic drives.

    Extend a Windows Server 2003 disk volume

    Much quicker and cleaner than the gParted solution and now I have an extra 2 hours at least to fight with other anomolies that may show up.

    diskpart FTW!

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    thanks.. been looking for an alternative for gparted

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