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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Problems installing MSI's in Technical; Hi guys, I am the network administrator of a windows 2003 domain for a school. A couple months ago i ...
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    Problems installing MSI's

    Hi guys,

    I am the network administrator of a windows 2003 domain for a school. A couple months ago i have installed java 6 update 6, 6 update 7 and 6 update 10 msi using group policy. I have assigned the package to all computers in the designated OU. Last week i decided to remove all previous java installs, so i navigate to where my GPO is located edit the policy selected the java installs and then click remove. I then select the removal method: Allow users to continue to use the software but prevent new installations then click OK. Then when i try to install java 6 update 11 it recognise that there is a policy and try to install the policy but without success. It just keeps saying install java 6 update 11 but actually it is not installing. It seems as though it just hangs there.

    I would appreciate any ideas on helping to resolve this issue.



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    Don't know whether 6u11 is any better, but the Sun 6u10 MSI had problems and unless you wrapped some magic around it, that probably hasn't uninstalled correctly. See if you've got a java quick start service running, disable that and see what happens.

    I wouldn't bother keeping up with these updates unless there's a pressing reason e.g. an app needs it, or there's critical security fix.

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