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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Corrupt Group Policy in Technical; Hi, I have just been to look at a pupils account as he wasnt getting the correct desktop and it ...
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    Corrupt Group Policy


    I have just been to look at a pupils account as he wasnt getting the correct desktop and it looked like none of the restrictions were in place so i got him to try and use a different machine, tried a diferent account and same thing.

    Looked on the group policy settings for the OU and when looking at the settings of the policy i get this message

    "The file '\\servername.internal\sysvol\internal\policies\{l ots of letters and numbers}\user\registry.pol' is not a valid format. The file might be corrupt. Use Group Policy Object Editor to reconfigure the settings in this extension."

    When i have browsed to this location the sizw of the registry.pol is 0kb and when i look at another policy the size is about 30-50kb depending on the policy.

    Luckily i have another student lockdown that is more stringent than the normal one for exams that i have temporarily applied to stop the kids from killing the machines.

    Is there any way that i can recover the this registry.pol or would it just be easier to modify the temporary one?



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    I would suggest you re-do your policy from scratch. When done testing, using Microsoft's Group Policy management Console to back it up and also to export it.

    In case of a repeat incident you can restore the backup quickly, while the exported html file serves as documentation of the policy.

    That will overcome the symptomn, but you've yet to identify and rectify whatever caused it to become corrupt!

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