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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Wireless Approach : Pulling it all together in Technical; The issue of wireless laptops has become the bane of my life of late so I've started trying to pull ...
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    Wireless Approach : Pulling it all together

    The issue of wireless laptops has become the bane of my life of late so I've started trying to pull together all the information and good practice that's been posted on numerous threads into a wiki.

    Purpose of this thread is to try and locate ALL of those resources and get them down.

    So far I've got the following topics:
    • RADIUS Setup
    • GPO settings for WLAN connection
    • Login Script test for wshnetwork.username before running mapping, printers, etc..
    • AP frequency distribution (1, 6, 11)

    Anyone care to add to that list?

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    We're going through this currently and have hit the same kind of list you've got.

    We tried the GPO approach but found that it left users unable to edit the list as it was enforced on boot (not any good if you have 2 cards, one for wlan and one for the wlan projector!).

    We've got RADIUS working a treat with our old DLump access points and are just now looking at how to as transparently as possible move forward.

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