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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Mass User Creation in Technical; For file permissons look at wisesoft NTFS fix. Amazing piece of software....
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    For file permissons look at wisesoft NTFS fix. Amazing piece of software.

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    I'm going to rename this thread 'Mass User Creation' to make the title more relevant.

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    I am on the PS side of this as well, my though on this is if you have an MIS system in your organisation then why a spreadsheet? we use PS to connect to our MIS data. This means as a department we no longer get involved in account creation/ management. We have scripts that deal with this so when a staff member or student comes or goes it gets marked on the MIS database and the scripts sort it all out, even to the point of updating or staffs digital photo board.

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    I wrote a beast of a VBscript a few years back that reads the users from CSV. It also creates the share and sets permissions etc - it uses psexec.exe to create the share on the server (assuming I run the script from my desktop)

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