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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Server 2003-Add Printer To OU in Technical; Hello This will sound like a very basic question to anybody who knows but I cannot work out how to ...
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    Server 2003-Add Printer To OU


    This will sound like a very basic question to anybody who knows but I cannot work out how to add a printer to an OU in Server 2003.

    It is not an R2 version so does not have Print Management under Administrative Tools.

    However what I can see in many of the OU's is a policy titled 'Win7 Printers' but from here I cannot work out what it is doing or which bit of the policy is actually adding a printer.

    If anybody knows it would be very helpful, thank you

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    There are many ways you can do it:

    Using the con2prt command, this can enable machines in different areas to connect to certain printers.
    Configuring enviromental variables calling them by logon scripts using the con2prt command
    Placing a bat file on the machine which is called by a logon script which runs the con2prt command.

    I would be carefull if you use roaming profiles however as users can end up printing all over the place.

    To be honest I've experienced most methods including Print Management but have found using preferences under 2008 R2 domain to be the best. This enables you to set defaults and seems a much better way of working. You may need to do a bit of policy other stuff i.e. allowing standard users to install print drivers by allowing the class of divers and configuring Point and Print Restrictions. You can even have the printers remove if say you move a machine to different OU's. If you use pcounter like us that requires a shared printer connection you can set as a machine policy and then set loopback processing to merge and then set the printer as a shared printer in the preferences section of user configuration.

    So I would say to consider looking at upgrading the domain to 2008 R2 or 2012.
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