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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Old Server Uses in Technical; unreal tournament server....
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    unreal tournament server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BFCIT View Post

    We have a win server 2003 that was once used for hosting sims for the schools LAN. We upgraded to a new server over the summer and I have been considering the best use of the old server.

    I am interested to learn how several of you have made use of old servers, monitoring, backups , virtualisation? cool creative alternatives? Or any ways which would provide extra functionality or increased efficiency in a school network setup?

    We upgraded to a new win 2008 r2 server a while back,
    and where i work was just wanting to get rid of it, but the itself was in great
    condition had support vailed for it still form HP, so i came up with a plan to
    store all of our image backs ups and file server back up to the old server then
    to be copied to a tapes !! Was great seeing as that we didnít have to buy
    another extra server for this purpose.

    Or even you could just use the server a testing lab, separate from your live
    network and servers, to test new software that you want to migrate into your
    live environment. Or you could install some free open source software like
    Freenas, pfsense for firewall purpose ?

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    We have a few old ML350 G4 or DL360 G5 running Centos & Ubuntu. They are running
    Nagios for monitoring
    Xibo for Digital Signage
    Joomla for ICT Knowledgebase
    Avahi mDNS
    Helpdesk Software

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