Hi Guys
Hoping I came to correct place
I can basically search on internet and find solutions myself but I haven't got time as very sort notice I have e-safety audit coming
I am newbie to server administration industries

I had quick look in domain policy / security tools /etc. but when I start reading & digest all in my brain I initially forget what I was looking for, to much choice & now I am well confuse & lost.

1) Can somebody help I want to restrict access to internet / network (server 2003 domain environment DNS/DHCP etc.) at minute any one can come in pickup CAT5 cable and connect to PC/Laptop & they can easily access Internet How do I STOP This, Should ask log-in to network if this happens?

2) How to I lock user computers if they been inactive for say 15 min? I tried this by some GPO but then it locks it every 15 min no matter if they active or not?

As I said I am running out of time (Plenty other things but I can work on those by my knowledge) only two days before we break-up for Christmas holiday I haven't got time to search internet otherwise I would have done & not posted this here.

Please understand the situation and help will be much appreciated