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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Resolving DNS in Technical; Hello, I have two domains, (A) 10.147.178.x and (B) 10.147.179.x. What and where do I have to set on the ...
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    Resolving DNS


    I have two domains, (A) 10.147.178.x and (B) 10.147.179.x. What and where do I have to set on the server A so that PC's on network A can resolve DNS names from network B?

    Example. A PC on network A ( can ping serverB, which will automatically be resolved to (server IP address).

    I'm sure this is quite simple.

    Thank you.

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    On the DNS servers of each domain create a stub zone pointing to the other, with the start of authority as the corresponding DNS server.

    Other than that you'll need routing between the two. If you want to resolve the short name rather than fully qualified you'll also need to add the DNS suffices to the default search order on each machine (can be set through DHCP).

    Add a Stub Zone

    DHCP Search Options

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